Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eagle babies

Parent landing on the nest while the other parent watches.

Feeding one of the babies.

My husband thinks the baby looks like a tiny horse.

Proud parent sitting in a tree close by the nest.
This Saturday I had a productive visit to Honeymoon Island. I had not been out there for a while and it seemed to look different. They had been doing a lot of controlled burning so part of the back trail looked black. The rain from Friday had most of the northern back trail flooded, up to knee deep in some areas. I decided to stay off those trails since there could be snakes swimming around in there. I got there around 9:30am and headed straight back to the eagle's nest. When I got there only one adult was sitting on the nest. A few minutes later another one came flying in with a fish. Immediately the baby's head popped up. There are 2 babies but you could mostly only see one. For a few minutes when the adult was feeding the one you couldn't see you could catch a glimpse of the beak. After that fish was eaten the adult took off and went and got another fish within a few minutes. At one point both parents had left the nest alone but not for long. I stayed for at least an hour at which time the eagles were settling down for a while so I decided to continue walking around the rest of the trails.

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  1. Awesome stuff! I knew Bald Eagles nested early, but I didn't realize they were already having babies. That eagle family must have been great fun to watch.