Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last trip to the zoo for a while

Baby mallards swimming around the hyenna exhibit.


More pictures of the blue heron family.

Twin blue herons.


Common ground dove.

I packed up my camera stuff and head out to the zoo for one last look at the baby spoonbills before they leave the nest. At this point they should be about 6 weeks old. I went straight to the nest and was in for a big letdown. They were already gone. The nest was empty. I guess they start taking off and wandering around at that point. There were only a few late blue heron babies hanging around. Now the alligator exhibit is just a boring water hole full of alligators. I was glad I made the effort to get there for 4 weekends in a row to see the spoonbills growing up. I did find an adult spoonbill sleeping high up in a tree close by. It was still a productive trip. I spent an hour walking around getting some exercise before the heat got to me. I'll probably not be back until late fall, maybe around November. It's just too hot now.


  1. the duckling shot is fabulous. such great reflections! the watermelon neck on that lizard made me laugh. sorry you missed the baby-turned adult spoonbills, but we sure enjoyed seeing them as they progressed in the nest. :)

  2. Love the ducklings and the heron twins. So sorry you were let down by the absence of your baby spoonbills. You've made a lot of people happy with your photos of them.
    Stay out of the heat now. Good idea.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada