Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shorebirds on the causeway.

Marbled Godwit standing in the water. Need a toothpick?

The black skimmer heads up the flock of seagulls.

A willet standing on one foot. How can this be comfortable?

A tricolored heron flying off in front of the causeway right before the storm.

Seagull taking a bath.

I stopped off on the Courtney Campbell causeway on the way home from work tonight. It was raining on the Clearwater side and hadn't started to rain on the Tampa side. I had my camera with me so I decided to get out and walk for a while and get some pictures. It has rained every night this week on the way home.
There was a large variety of shorebirds along the water. My first sighting of a marbled godwit. I love his long pink bill. He wouldn't let me get too close so the picture is very cropped. Same for the willit. It's funny how the seagulls will let you walk right up to them. There was a large flock of skimmers that kept flying back and forth across the section of the causeway.
Lots of bird activity before the rain. It started to drizzle so I headed back to my car and drove home.

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