Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zoo visit

If you're ever in the Tampa bay area you have to visit the Lowry Park zoo. Of course in August it's a million degrees with 125% humidity but if you get there early you should see some neat things. There's been a lot of babies this spring and summer. Baby manatees, white tiger cubs, orangutans (the baby just turned one), baby ducks and a baby hippo to name a few.
Last weekend I went to see the new baby rhino that was born on July 7th. Who would have thought a baby rhino could be so cute. She had so much personality and all of the kids were having a great time watching her play.
Going to the zoo for me is not a leisure event. I'm always out to get the best pictures when the animals I want to see are most active. I don't casually follow the path. I started last weekend going straight to the rhino exhibit. They weren't out yet. Ran across to see if the koala was awake. No such luck. Over to the baby tiger cubs (who now look almost fully grown). They were passed out (it was a hot morning). Made a complete circle through the zoo and ended up back at the rhino exhibit. They had just come out. After pictures of the baby rhino it's back to the koala, then to the manatees, etc. I get a good workout.

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