Sunday, March 7, 2010

A walk around Sand Key

Laughing gull's gotta an itch. Most of the laughing gulls are getting black heads now which means breeding season will be starting soon for them.

This ring billed gull is taking a nap. I like the bright pink that outlines their eyes. I have read it is part of their breeding color.

Up close great egret. He was very pretty but looked too skinny.

Prancing around the fishing docks looking for a handout.

A recent walk around Sand Key Park was a little disappointing. It was very windy and a little cold. There were not too many birds around. I spoke to a fisherman on the fishing dock under the big bridge and he told me not too many fish were biting. It's going to take a while before they rebound from the big freeze in January. I guess most of the birds are still staying south looking for food. I did notice that the gulls are starting to show their breeding colors. A lot of the great egrets are showing their lime green around the beak. The one above was just starting to get his.

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