Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eagles up the street.

Recently I had noticed a big nest on a cell tower up the street from my neighborhood. I had kept an eye on it for a couple of weeks thinking it was probably an osprey nest but had not seen anything on it. This past weekend my husband was driving and I looked up and saw a big brown thing on it. I was like "Turn around, turn around!!!". As we drove through a shopping center parking lot below it I could see the white head. After running our errands, I went home and got my camera and came back to catch the above. There was another eagle sitting on the nest. You can see it's brown wings through the silver bars on the left.
This is truly city wildlife. The nest is near one of the busiest intersections in Tampa with shopping centers and subdivisions all around it. Tampa bay is not too far away though. I'll keep an eye out for babies sitting on the tower in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. So beautiful proud birds.. you are lucky to have spotted them...
    Thanks for sharing..