Monday, September 7, 2009

Davis Islands birds

Blue heron with a fish. I was sitting on a rock watching him and he came close up to me as if to say "See what I have?" before swallowing it.

Willet keeping an eye on me.

Green heron stalking the beach on Davis Islands.

Sunday was a sun day! Brett and I went over to spend the morning at Davis Islands. He rode his bike while I walked around by the airport and the yacht club taking pictures. Lots of people out riding bikes and walking their dogs. I found a few birds looking for food around the jetty. The little blue heron did not seem to be bothered by me sitting on the rocks watching him. He ate at least 3 fish in just a few minutes. There were all kinds of birds out: ruddys, egrets, green herons, blue herons, snowy egrets and several different shorebirds. The only disappointment of the morning was there were no dolphins in sight.

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