Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kapok Park - no birds

I stopped by Kapok Park on my way home from work tonight. It looked like it was going to rain during the afternoon but the sun came out right as I was leaving work. Not much there in the way of birds. They must have all gotten the memo "It's hot, go north" Even the limpkins which have always been there were not around.

Lots of other animals though. Baby snake and dragonflies. The lake is always full of turtles though I did not see the large snapping turtle that is usually hanging around the boardwalk. There were strange fish skimming the top of the plants in the water. Not sure what they are but Brett thinks they may be carp. Any id would be great.

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  1. Hey Dina, just found your blog. Nice pix. I think the fish is a plecostomus which is a freshwater tropical that is often released into the wild. Google it and wiki has some pix. Stop by my blog about nature in the Fl. Keys and say hi. Nice to see another new blog