Saturday, September 5, 2009

Safety Harbor Fishing Pier

Yellow legs looking for crabs.

It's funny to see the osprey sitting on the fake owl. Doesn't he know he's suppose to be afraid of the owl and not sit on the dock? I don't think the pelicans are afraid either.

Spoonbill sitting on a fence just before sundown.

Willet with a crab

Last night I stopped off at the Safety Harbor fishing pier after work. It was getting late when I got there but got a few pictures. There are usually a lot of pelicans flying around due to the fishermen hanging around but there weren't too many tonight. Not many fishermen either. I did see manatees off in the distance. You could see their snouts and big round tails coming up. The tide was low around the seawall and there were a few shorebirds looking for dinner. They seemed to be eating well.

I drove home across the Courtney Campbell causeway and was able to catch this sunset.

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