Friday, December 18, 2009

Circle B Bar Part 3 - White Pelicans

White pelicans overhead.

The sky was full of white pelicans.

Solo flight.

White pelicans flying in the fog.

Pelicans far away on the other side of the lake at Circle B Bar. This was taken with my 500mm and severly cropped so they were staying away from humans.

One of the best things right now to see at Circle B are the white pelicans that have migrated there. Some say there are thousands there for the winter. These birds have come from east of the Rocky Mountains from Illinois to as far north as Canada for the winter. They tend to stay away from humans unlike the brown pelicans which can beg for food. They also do not plunge dive for their food like the brown pelicans do. They swim around for their food and scoop water and fish into their pouch and are usually in lakes or ponds. (Although I have heard there is flock hanging out at Fort Desoto right now.) They are so beautiful when they are flying. They seem to glide instead of rapid flapping. Sunday morning at Circle B they were flying over our heads in large groups from one lake to another. A couple of hours later they were flying in the opposite direction. Even in the fog it was amazing to see.

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