Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Unusual friends

A recent trip to the zoo uncovered the most unusual friends. There is a large pen that houses key deer (deer that comes from the Florida keys) and whooping cranes. I always check out this area when I'm at the zoo looking for the one eyed deer. Last year I saw a special on PBS about an orphaned deer with an injured eye that was found wandering alone. He was brought to the Lowry Park Zoo to be rehabilitated but because of the permanent loss of one eye he lives there now. I was leaning over the railing looking for him and noticed that a whooping crane was preening one of the deer. The crane was cleaning the deer's ear and nose. It was so funny to see these 2 different animals being best friends.

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  1. Hey, Dina! Noticed your neat profile pic on my blog today and thought I'd check out your blog. WOW! I'm hooked after just this one post. Neat!