Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sandhill Cranes

Earlier last week I was headed to Lake Seminole Park and saw these 3 sandhill cranes wandering around by the St. Petersburg College in Seminole. Of course I did a u turn and stopped in a parking lot nearby to take pictures. These birds were so graceful and did not seem to be afraid of all of the people walking by (which is a little scary). You don't see sandhill cranes that often in Pinellas county. They are more of an inland bird than coastal bird. These are my first decent pictures of this bird. I rarely see them in the coastal parks I usually go to. When I showed the pictures to my husband he said "Oh, I see those on golf courses all the time." So much for excitement.

Mated pairs stay together year round so this might be a couple and their offspring from last winter. Hopefully if they stay for the winter we might see a baby or two next spring.

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  1. Love that head and shoulder portraiture shot.