Monday, February 1, 2010

Sundown on the causeway

Ring billed gull trying to decide whether to eat the old dead fish from the cold spell. Not sure what the one behind was eating. He had a pink string hanging out of his bill.

Juvenile ring billed gull posing for me.

Dunlins taking a bath. They were really cute to watch.

Taking a bath together.

I stopped by one of the beaches on the Courtney Campbell Causeway one night last week after work. The smell from the dead fish that was killed during the cold spell was bad. There was a small group of dunlins taking a bath in a puddle on the beach. I guess birds have no sense of smell. They were so cute all staying close together and swimming around in the water. They were too busy grooming themselves to notice me. I only stayed a few minutes so I wouln't pass out from the smell.


  1. We just don't think about fish dying from cold weather. They live below ice here all winter. I suppose a lake full of dead, bloating fish would be more than the gulls and turtles could stomach. Nice photos you made of the birds there.

  2. Thanks for the comment. This is my 8th winter here and by far the coldest. It has been really sad because not only the fish have suffered but we have lost many turtles and manatees as well from the cold.

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  4. Sounds like a great day out. Thanks for sharing in images and words.