Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cardinal on my car

This weekend I stopped by the Florida Botanical Gardens to walk around. I had not been there since before all of the freezes that we had this winter. It looks like the gardens had a tough winter. There were a handful of volunteers there pulling up dead plants and trying to clean up. The beautiful black orchids that were along the fence at the back of the butterfly garden are completely dead. Just a handful of dead sticks on the ground now. What a shame. On a fun note, when I walked off the trail back to the parking lot I noticed the above guy sitting on my side view mirror. He kept flying down in front of the mirror to look at himself. Then he hopped on the front hood and was looking at his reflection in the windshield. I guess he finally realized there wasn't another bird there and took off. Luckily I hadn't put my camera in my backpack yet and was able to get a few shots before he took off.

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