Sunday, April 25, 2010

Northern flicker

I had my first Northern Flicker sighting on a recent trip to Kapok Park. They are a type of woodpecker. They are the only type that sometimes feeds on the ground. I first saw a bird banging hard on something on the ground. When I got closer I thought it was weird to see a woodpecker sitting on the grass banging on something. They are pretty birds with the red stripe on the back of their heads and polka dots on their stomachs. Northern Flickers are one of the few woodpeckers who migrate so this little guy might be leaving my park soon to go up north for the summer.


  1. Beautiful birds. Great photograph Dina.
    Have a great week.

  2. I have only had one flicker here since we came in 1962. And I got a miserable photo of it but it is clearly a flicker but nothing as nice as your photo.

  3. i am sara kendall from seattle Wa. I randomly stumbled upon a northern flicker this morning thinking he was injured...He was almost hit 3 or 4 times by passing cars in my heavily wooded neighbor hood. He had a mouse tail hanging out of his mouth, hilaroius actually! but he looked hurt or lost? Not even having a clue until now, what type of birdI was meeting in person. I started petting his cute head, tried to get him to budge a bit and nothing, but batting his pretty eyes at me.Picked him up and started off the a bird vet down the street...All of a sudden he flew or leaped to the back seat! I pulled over picked him up, set him again in a blanked. He then flew over to my sons window. Confused but happy he was Ok, I opened all doors and miraculously he flew away looking strong. I am still confused about why he let me love him and pick him up, but at least he wasn't struck by a car and killed. Now am in love with this sweet and beautiful bird:)

  4. I live in calgary alberta and just had a northern flicker in my yard today eating sunflower seeds out of my feeder!!! i was sooo amazed, i had never seen one before and was too scared to go get my camera for fear it would get spooked and fly away. beautiful picture you got, thnx for sharing