Friday, April 23, 2010

New babies at the zoo

Baby orangutan playing.

Momma duck with her new babies.

New baby white rhino in the African section of the zoo being very curious. Yum!

New baby zebra nursing.

Baby siamang gibbon learning to swing.
There are lots of babies at the Lowry Park zoo right now. While I was there recently, they were all running around playing since it was still a little cool out in the morning. Soon it will be so hot that all of the animals will be sleeping most of the day. There were already several baby duck groups. The pond in the elephant exhibit had a duck with several babies. I guess they don't mind swimming with the elephants. The above picture of the ducks were taken in one of the primate ponds. Soon the zoo will be full of baby ducks. The wild birds were starting to nest in the area around the alligator exhibit. Little blue herons were sitting on nests. There were already baby great egrets high up in the trees. Caution note - keep an eye out in the trees on the boardwalk there. You could get pooped on by the wild birds who live up in those trees.

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  1. Zoo babies are lovely. I hope and pray there will come a day when wildlife can roam free in their own homes wherever that might be. To be penned up is one thing that some think is the humane thing to do to keep the species alive. I suppose it is. On the other hand,I like to see the same animals being reintroduced to their homes. I saw a couple of these programs where groups do this as their life's work. Introducing zoo babies and other zoo-like animals to their native habitats. It is a marvelous thing.