Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Backyard birds

At 6:30 on a weekend morning I hear a bang, bang bang several times on something outside. It woke up hubby and myself. Hubby says half asleep "What was that?" I said "It sound like a woodpeck trying to drill on the metal drainpipe." He said "No way". I got out of bed and peaked out the window. Sitting on a branch, staring at the drainpipe was a downy woodpecker. I went and got my camera and took a couple of shots throught the bedroom window. He must have tried to bang on the drainpipe and realized it was metal.

Our neighborhood dove was trying to take a bath in our dried up boat cover. When it rains we get a little puddle in the front of the cover. For several days we've had doves taking baths there but then it dried up. I told hubby to run outside and spray the boat cover with the hose so the dove could get wet. He said "I'm not getting up off the couch to spray the hose so a dove can take a bath." I guess a trip to Home Depot for a real birdbath is in our near future.

A family of house sparrows has been hanging our the boat dock. I wonder if these were the same ones that were born here earlier this spring here.


All of the above pictures where taken through the bedroom window. If I walk outside the house sparrows fly off and hide in my neighbor's bushes. They do that when a hawk stops by as well. I'm still waiting for hubby to build me a nice air conditioned blind to put in the backyard.


  1. a/c blind. ha! :) good luck with that!

    loved the first sparrow family pic. the little curious soul on his tip-toes... so sweet.

  2. Downies are the cutest little birds! The Dove made me smile -they often appear to be clueless. I love the way the Sparrows often cluster together.

  3. You might have a bit of a wait for that air-conditioned blind, but in the meantime, I love your photos of yard birds. I'm sure the house sparrows must be the ones who were raised there.
    That reminds me, we are just back from traveling and our neighbor, who watered our yard diligently, didn't fill my bird bath. Oh, horrors! The birds will hate me now.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. I also have a gaggle of teen sparrows hanging around in groups. So many of them right now and still begging to be fed by their parents!
    Great shots .. I too take all mine from inside my office window.

  5. I have so many sparrows that other visitors have become scarce. Fortunately, I still see a few others... I got such a chuckle out of the dove trying to take a bath and the thought of an air conditioned bird blind... what a marvelous idea! My backyard bird post for WBW this week has images all taken through my kitchen window... my garden is so tiny that it is almost impossible to be outdoors and share the space with the birds.

  6. Your hubby sounds a lot like mine. Maybe they can work together and build two air-conditioned blinds!