Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sundown on Gandy Beach - Skywatch Friday

One last stop on the way home from work happened the week before the time changed. I stopped at the Gandy bridge beach because it is so close to work. It got dark fast. There were a lot of birds on the beach. Most were trying to sleep but there were a handful of people there and some had dogs. 

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Black skimmers flying away from a barking dog. This looks like a classic Florida boat to me.

Black skimmers coming back to the beach. He's looking at me like "where'd that dog go?"

There's a huge population of plovers on Gandy beach.

Black bellied plover's got an itch.

Oystercatcher couple. There's usually a handful of oystercatchers on Gandy beach but you have to look for them. Often they hide at the far end by the utility tower.
Another black bellied plover in non-breeding colors. In the winter his belly and head are black.


  1. We've been getting some stunning sunsets lately. I'm so glad you were able to catch some. I love checking out the bird shots you get so I can identify what I see. You are so helpful! Your shots are always so good!

  2. Super shots and stunning sunset. I wish people wouldn't let their dogs just run crazy...

  3. Oh wow I could tell you had a very good day. Great capture.

    Fiery sky

  4. Beautiful post Dina. I love that first one with this magnificent orange colors, but I do even love more the skimmers on the beach! That's a gorgeous shot!

  5. Looks like Hemingway might be in that boat.