Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crescent Lake Park

Green heron sitting on a metal stick that was in the lake.

A late bloomer. Mon only had the one with her.

A strange looking duck family. That white one is sticking his neck out like "Look at me!".

Wild parrot that lives in the water tower next to the lake. They hang out on the ballpark fence.

Staring at me like "What is she doing?"

Before I head over to downtown St. Peterburg to walk along the big pier on the bay, I like to stop at a small park nearby. Crescent Lake is surrounded by houses and small apartments and it's always busy with people jogging, walking and walking their dogs. The wildlife there is nothing spectacular but it does have a few neat things. A flock of geese live there all year. At first there were only a handful of them but last spring one of the couples had babies and now there's a big family of them. They are pretty aggressive because people feed them. There's a large flock of wild parrots living in the water tower at the corner of the lake and they are loud. I would hate to live across the street from that tower. Those parrots were squawking the entire time I was there. I can usually find the usual great egrets and great blue herons. On this trip I saw the green heron but he took off pretty quick. After a lap around the lake I headed to downtown St. Pete.


  1. The tiny ducking is neat to see at this late date. Pretty heron shot!

  2. Love the green heron, one of my favorite birds. The little duckling is cute, I hope it stays safe. Great photos.

  3. my kind of park...i did not know you could see little ducklings now. the heron is gorgeous!!