Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby birds at Gatorland

Baby great egrets

Baby snowy egret born the morning I was there with one more to go. I love the way it looks like the snowy egret feet look like they have been painted yellow.

Blue heron mom on the right and baby on left. Baby blue herons are white when they are born. As they get older they start to get blue patches until at least 6 months where they start to turn all blue.

Great egret babies being fed by mom.

Tricolored heron babies.

Tricolored heron mom with her baby.
Bird moms are very busy right now. Gatorland is full of wild baby birds. Constantly yelling and needing to be fed. They look so funny with their fuzzy feathers and beaks that look to big for their bodies. I need to try and go back in early June to see the birds growing up and learning to fly.


  1. Great new babies..
    And beautiful photographs.

  2. Wonderful photos. Detailed and incredible birds.