Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fun zoo animals

Another trip to Lowry Park zoo last week provided a lot of fun. Even with the heat, there was a lot going on in the morning. The zoo got crowded fast. I never understood why the locals wait until it's 90 degrees outside to visit the zoo. The best time to go is in the winter. Hardy anyone there and with the cool weather the animals are out playing most of the day. Now, all of the animals are asleep in the shade in the back of the exhibit by noon. I left around 11:30am and people were pouring in. I wanted to yell, they're all asleep already. Now is the time though to catch the elephants playing in the water. One was really going for a deep dive. The 2 baby zebras were out running around. Baby Jaya (rhino) will be one in July. She was giving mom kisses. It was a productive morning but once the serious heat set in I headed for home.


  1. Beautiful animal photographs Dina.

  2. So much fun. It is a nice set of photos.