Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pelicans at St. Petersburg Pier

These are just the beginnings of pelican pictures for the summer. They are such a fun bird to take pictures of. When it's really hot and all of the other birds have gone north for the summer these guys will be out diving (or begging) for fish all day. There's always a handful of pelicans hanging around the bait shop at the Pier in St. Pete. They sleep all over the pilings, railings and the top of the bait shop. In the morning they are usually pretty active flying around looking for fish. You can buy fish at the bait shop to feed them. They have a platform to stand on so you don't get attacked but it makes for great tourist photo opps.


  1. beautiful pelicans. great photographs Dina.

  2. That second photograph is darling!

    I agree that they are fun to take pictures of; they were the first bird that "allowed" me to take their picture.