Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nesting birds at Gatorland

Cattle egret gathering sticks for a nest.

Cattle egret counting her eggs.

Tricolored heron also counting her eggs.

Snowy egrets making a nest together.

It's a busy time for wild water birds at Gatorland. The alligator lake there is full of mangroves that make a great nesting place. The alligators keep the raccoons from getting to the nest so the birds are pretty safe there (unless a flightless baby falls out of the nest). The birds are very busy flying around with sticks and fish. They are still building nests there. Many of the nests had 3 -4 eggs on them. There was also a handful of nest that already had babies on them. I might have to make another trip there in June before nesting season dies down.

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