Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hot night at Lake Seminole Park

The usual dragonfly.

Great egret posing. He must be used to all of the people at the park. He didn't even flinch when I stopped to take his picture.

Tri color heron landing in the reeds. Taken into the sun right before sunset.

Great egret flying across the lake.

Juvenile moorhen screaming for a snack. I love their big yellow feet.

A large group of ducks waiting for a handout. The stick in the upper middle is a big sign that says "Do not feed the wildlife, including ducks." People ignore it. There's a spot at the lake near a small parking lot that the ducks congregate at. People park there and feed the ducks. The ducks are very aggressive and will charge at your ankles if you don't feed them.

I stopped off at Lake Seminole Park one day last week to check on the limpkin nest. I had been there 2 weeks before and there were several eggs in a nest built on a shallow section of the lake. I wanted to see if the eggs had hatched. Since it had been raining every day for a week the nest was under 2 feet of water. I couldn't see from the boardwalk if the eggs were still there so I don't know if they had already hatched and the family had moved on. I didn't see any limpkins on that end of the lake which is unusual. Sad, hot and depressed I started the walk back to my car. I was thinking I wouldn't find any birds around but I did manage to see a few before I left.


  1. I just posted some dragon fly photos this morning on Pick a Peck of Pixels blog. You will have to scroll down on set of 5 photos to see them. They are about all I ever see up here. Sometimes I see a damsel fly though. But nothing like those you have. And your bird photos are great as well. I think the egrets are beautiful birds. The egrets that return to Japan each year are considered a National Treasure.

  2. Wow you got an excellent burding time. i lvoe the egret and juvenile moorhen pictures. beautiful!

  3. I hope the limpkin nest survived our interminable rain. That moorhen is terrific. I love his big yellow feet too! He looks so goofy and clumsy. That's a good night's work at the park!