Saturday, August 7, 2010

Limpkin nest

Mom limpkin eyeing me from the nest. I was standing on the boardwalk.

She stood up to stretch and you could see the eggs.

She was looking at the eggs. Think she was counting them?

Later the other parent showed up.

I had heard there was a limpkin nest near the boardwalk at Lake Seminole Park. They had built a nest out in the water on a shallow section that had reeds growing on it. The eggs incubate for 27 days. Since I'm not sure when these were laid, I may have to check back several times to see when the babies are born. I've never seen limpkin babies so I'm excited to see them grow up. Although they have some odds against them. It's now rainy season and it's been raining hard every night. That area may flood. There are also alligators that live in that lake. Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Below is why the limpkins hang out near that end of the lake. Lots of apple snail eggs were all around there. Limpkins eat apple snails, as well as frogs and bugs.


  1. Hey! Down here in Naples! I found through a blog of a blog of a blog (the long way!) I sending my first born only daughter to USF next year so I am going to follow you and see what you do that is cool and nature related so I can share with her:)

  2. Nice looking bird there by the nest. Looks like every feather is in place. Nice shot.

  3. I love this kind of birds and plants the most which grow in marshy places. 
    I wish squab birds will leave the nest in safety.