Monday, August 30, 2010

Variety at Kapok Park

Glossy ibis yawning.

Hawk hiding in a tree.

You can always count on an anhinga sitting in a park.

Cowbird in a small tree.

Two juvenile moorhens heading towards me.

Juvenile moorhens hanging together.
I stopped by Kapok Park after work in between the rain storms last week. I didn't think I'd see much there but I did manage to find a few birds. The glossy ibis was a nice surprise. I have never seen them there before. There were several moorhen families with juveniles together. I didn't see very many ducks and the park is usually filled with them. I saw the hawk for about a second and then it flew off and headed out of the park. I looked for the great horned owls but could not find them. Hopefully they'll be back soon and we'll have another baby this winter.


  1. The parks you visit are full of wildlife! I don't think I've ever seen a glossy ibis before -- very interesting looking. Good eye to spot that hawk. Those moorhens look sweet -- love their reflections.

  2. Hi Dina,
    Wow the glossy ibis is sumptuous, and I also love the juveniles moorhen on the water. Beautiful!

  3. A great beautiful collection of Birds Dina.

  4. très belles photos...
    que l'on aimerait faire, de beaux oiseaux que l'on aimerait voir !