Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby squirrel

My friend Carrie and I were walking around the park near the St. Petersburg Pier and noticed something squirming under some overgrown mangrove trees. It looked like a baby squirrel had fallen out of the tree. It still had it's eyes closed but was moving around pretty good. There were several adult squirrels running around close to it. We decided to leave it alone and walked around for a while. We came back a little later and it was gone. We think the parents must have hauled it back in trees. There weren't any other animals around that could have gotten it. The parents were really watching us and came down close to the ground. Hopefully, the little squirrel was okay. I've never seen a baby before.


  1. Belle rencontre, ces écureuils sont très différents de ceux que nous avons ici (France).
    belles photos!

  2. Hi Dina, Love the pics and they make me a little homesick. I'm from Dunedin. I love Pinellas beaches and wildlife. I'm going to check out your sting ray video. That incident actually happened on Sand Key and I really didn't get a good look at the because I was so busy freaking out.