Saturday, September 11, 2010

All the birds are hungry!

Osprey got his prize fish.

The juvenile laughing gull grabbed a fish but then dropped it. I think he needs more practice.

The above great blue heron stealing a fish from a man standing in the water fishing.
Note to people in the Tampa Bay area - don't leave food sitting out uncovered. I've seen gulls steal a sandwich off a blanket at the beach with a person sitting right behind it. I've seen them take a potato chip out of a kid's hand when the kid was about to eat it. They are very aggressive at stealing food and fish from fishermen. Hubby and I always eat our lunch sitting under the beach umbrella. It keeps the attack gulls away.
On our walk around Sand Key Park recently we saw lots of birds feeding. The osprey and gull were fishing for food under the big bridge where the small fishing piers are. For once I was paying attention and was able to get some decent shots of the osprey with a fish. The great blue heron was watching a man fishing for a while on the beach. That bird was smart. Once the man walked back in the water, the bird walked up to the bucket and grabbed a fish. Then the man got smart and came back on the beach and covered the bucket. Hey, everyone's got to eat, right?


  1. Those birds sure do have a nose for food, in the water and on land.

  2. Those are some great shots of the Osprey in flight...well so was the shots of the gulls. I've seen the gulls attack too at Siesta Beach, will people ever learn :D

    This summer we've seen so many Osprey and caught many of them fishing. I need a better zoom lens. On Labor Day we went to Lido Beach and when we were walking we saw this scrub jay land right in front of this lady reading a book on her blanket. It startled her too that it landed so close. I was surprised to see it at the beach. I've only seen them at Oscar Scherer State Park.

  3. I'm truly amazed at your osprey photos!! WOW!! That second one should be published! I wonder how long it took to capture such a fantasic shot?! Or were you just lucky? Even if you were "lucky", your photography skill is phenominal! Very vivid and clear pics.

  4. Terrific captures! I love action shots of birds fishing. Excellent!