Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Neighborhood visitors over Labor Day weekend.

This immature blue heron was walking around next to our dock at low tide. He should turn all blue by his next molt.

Saturday I walked out into our screened in porch to water some plants and looked up and saw the above juvenile ibis staring at me from our fence. I went back inside and took this from the dining room window.

Sunday afternoon it was drizzling. I looked out the window and saw a few ducks heading down the channel for our dock. This is the first time I've seen a white duck in our channel. I looked it up and it's a type of mallard, so it's the same as the brown ducks that are with it. I ran out to the dock and snapped a few pictures in the rain.

When I went outside in the rain to take pictures of the white duck I saw the above night heron sitting on our dock. I took this picture from the door of the screened in porch. He must be young because his yellow crown was not quite yellow yet.

This girl is a temporary resident who is living in our screened in porch. I think the balls on the left have baby spiders inside. I need to sweep this spider outside or I might be having tons of spiders living in my porch soon.

Another resident, this was taken on my window sill. We have several frogs living in our shutters. I hadn't seen any in a while but Friday night he was sitting there when we got home from dinner so I ran in and got my camera.


  1. The night heron and frog are so precious! Love all the birds, though! The spider...well...! :)

  2. Beautiful visitors Dina.
    All of them.

  3. Wow, it's so charming frog !
    He has big mouth and beautiful eyes.

  4. A lot of young birds, must be the season! We have a big frog like that hanging around our garage walls. I saw him this morning when I went to get something out of the fridge out there, he was on the freezer. You just get a start, then oh, it's just the frog!

  5. Yep, you probably need to move that ol' spider or we'll be seeing less bird pics and more spider pics.

  6. Very beautiful photos of birds!

  7. really great shots! I like the laughing gulls photo with them lining up. The frog photo is really cute! Have a good weekend!