Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dolphins at the fishing pier.

It's very rare that I don't see at least one dolphin at the fishing pier at Fort Desoto. On a recent trip after work I got to the pier right before dark so I could get some sunset pictures. There must have been at least 10-15 dolphins swimming around the pier. They were everywhere and some where coming right up to the pier. They try and steal the fish from the fishermen. The fishermen get really mad when they think they have a big one on the line and the dolphin comes up and steals it. I can't really tell if the dolphins are grabbing the end of the fish or the whole fish and hook. If so, I would hate to think how many hooks those dolphins have in their stomachs. It's got to make them sick. I have seen the men reel in a half eaten fish before but sometimes it comes back without the hook.
I saw the documentary "The Cove" on tv recently. The Planet Green channel has been playing it. I highly recommend that everyone watch this movie. Although, be prepared with a box of kleenex. The movie shows the slaughtering of dolphins for food in Japan and capturing of dolphins for aquariums. It really makes you think, not just about dolphins but about all animals. Anyway, it makes me appreciate the dolphins we have here in the Tampa Bay area. After 8 years I still get excited when I see one while I'm driving home across the bridge.


  1. heureux mamifères!
    rencontre heureuse,
    belles photos !

  2. We always see doplins when we are out in the intercoastal in Sarasota or Sarasota Bay. You are right though no matter how often we see them we still get excited to see them. I love your series of photos, the first one is stunning!

  3. Amazing, clever, beautiful animals...
    And great photographs Dina.

  4. I, too, watched the Cove. Pretty gruesome stuff!