Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Belted Kingfisher

I found this beautiful belted kingfisher on one of the boardwalks at John Chesnut Park in Pinellas County.  The portrait was taken from very far away and was extremely cropped. I've found that they are very skittish and will not stick around while you try and get decent pictures. Later that morning while I was walking to the other end of the boardwalk, I heard it chattering as it flew by and then stopped right in front of me and started to dive for a fish. I always feel like I don't have such luck. I missed him hitting the water since it was hidden by mangroves where I was standing but a few seconds later I saw him take off so I'm assuming he got his meal.


  1. The kingfishers always make me smile with their perpetual bad hair days. Nice captures.

  2. Wow the flight shots are splendid Dina... Wish to have some like this myself!!

  3. Fantastic! I have the same problem getting good shots of them.