Thursday, August 5, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Big ball of fire

Another stop on the Courtney Campbell Causeway late last week provided a great sunset. As the sun was getting closer to the ground it kept getting bigger and bigger. Of course, this week it's been raining every night on the way home. My husband loves to say "We need the rain". I tell him "That sounds like something an old person would say." When we lived in a townhouse we didn't have to worry about the yard. Now that we have a house with a yard my husband wants it to rain all the time.

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  1. Beautiful sunset, the colors are gorgeous! Happy skywatching!

  2. It does look like a fire, they're both very cool shots!

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  3. Hi Dina, I stopped in from The Florida Blogger to say hello. I moved from Seminole to Saint Marys, Georgia a few months ago. I was back there just last week for a visit and to see the birds. I miss my morning walks on the beach with all my feather friends and was lucky enough to live just two miles from the Botanical Gardens. One thing I don't miss is all that humidity! Love all your photos, you need to make a trip over to Merritt Island on the East Coast by the Kennedy Space Center. It is a bird lover's paradise!

  4. Oh, I just read your list of birds you haven't seen. I don't have anywhere near the interesting birds coming to my yard here, but I do have Red Headed Woodpeckers at my feeder everyday. They are gorgeous!