Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birds at Chesnut Park (& a woodpecker video too)

Male anhinga sitting in his usual spot on the lake.

Tufted titmouse looking down at me. I see a lot of these at Chesnut Park.

My first black and white warbler.

The woods seem to be full of pileated woodpeckers.

I was standing on the boardwalk taking pictures of the above pileated woodpecker when I had a thought "I should take a video of him banging away." The nice thing about my new camera (Nikon D7000) is that it's really easy to flip the switch and record. I hadn't really spent any time doing that yet. After I took the video and got home I realized I was holding the camera portrait to get a long shot of the woodpecker and in the video the woodpecker is not set up right. I can't figure out a way to rotate a video. I'm assuming there's not one unless I had some high tech video editing program. Hopefully, next time I'll get it right. If you have the sound, on the howling you hear at the very beginning is another woodpecker calling to the one in the video. They get really loud in the woods.


  1. Neat blog. I really enjoyed all the wonderful bird pics. We just got back to the North Country from our second ever winter trip to Florida. I must say I love it down there. The birding is just great especially Corkscrew.

  2. I love that pileated woodpecker pic. His red mohawk hairdo is just too much! Nice idea about the video -- the other woodpecker calling is so clear. I never think to record video unless I'm on vacation (in real documentarian mode).

  3. Pileated Woodpeckers are the greatest! Loved your video. Love all your shots today, actually! The anhinga came out so good. Your new camera seems to be working out quite nicely for you. Swing by real fast for a good laugh! ~kaholly

  4. Great shots Dina. I really like the Pileated video too. I have a Nikon D90 and there is no way I know of to flip the video from horizontal to vertical. I just shoot all my videos in with the camera held in the normal horizontal position.

    Your photo of the Pileated Woodpecker is stunning!