Thursday, February 24, 2011

Duck, duck....(no goose) - Skywatch Friday

Black bellied whistling ducks flying by.

Black bellied whistling duck staring at me. What is it about these ducks that are so cute?

The marsh fields were full of black bellies right before sunset. They all had their heads stuck deep in the muck feeding when a hawk came flying overhead screaming. All of their heads shot up and searched the sky. They seemed very concerned.  After a few minutes they went back to eating. I shot this far away across  the field. They were all standing at attention.

Ring necked duck. I don't see these very often.

Blue winged teal with a little green showing.

Blue winged teal staring at me.

Lots of ducks at Circle B Bar Reserve right now. They are reporting record numbers of black bellied whistling ducks. The marsh fields were full of them on my late afternoon trip recently. There's such a huge variety of ducks there. The ponds are also full of coots. Soon most of these ducks will be migrating back home to the north. 

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  1. I love seeing all these ducks, Dina! I'm amazed that you can get so close to them to get such great photos!

  2. Oh, Dina, what a treat for the eyes!! You were able to take some wonderful pictures. Had a flock of Black-bellies fly over the house the other day. I knew they were coming because of their delightful vocalizations!! I will never forget the first time I was able to gaze upon Green-winged Teal, up in Maine in a bog. I couldn't move from that spot. They were just so sweet.~karen

  3. Great shots of the ducks. The BB Whistling duck is cute.

  4. Maybe a goose next time. Great shots of the birds. Mickie

  5. An interesting range of photos! The whistling duck really intrigues me! Great photos!

  6. such a lovely day...very nice....:)
    Check out my SkyWatch Friday entry too. Thanks!