Monday, February 14, 2011

Brooker Creek Reserve - 1st visit

Some type of woodpecker. It didn't have any red on it. 

Same woodpecker as first picture.

Looking down at a row of utility poles. They seem to be a condo for vultures.

Juvenile bald eagle. It's the first time I've seen a juvenile. This picture is highly cropped from my 500mm lens. It was sitting high up on a utility pole and looked like a dark blob.

There were tons of black vultures soaring overhead.

There's a reserve in north Pinellas county called Brooker Creek Reserve. I had heard about it but I had never been there. Several weekends ago I stopped by there before going to Chesnut Park. There's up to 5 miles of trails that you can hike there. They were very well marked. I walked about 2 1/2 miles of it. I did not see very much on the trail. Mostly woodpeckers. It was very quiet. One section of the trail has a bird blind that sits just off a power line trail with a small pond in front of it. The best part was all of the vultures sitting on the utility poles. I noticed a blob sitting off by itself at the top of one pole. When I zoomed in I realized it was a juvenile bald eagle. That was the highlight of my trip.  I've heard the park has turkeys as well as all types of critter roaming including bobcats. I saw non of this. Maybe on my next trip.

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  1. You'll just have to make a return trip some early morning! Great shot of the juvenile eagle. Your lens did you justice!

  2. Love the vulture condo! Think that's a Downy Woodpecker you've got there. Cute

  3. Wild country...vultures and bobcats (?= lynx?)
    sound very exotic and scary to me. Foxes and red kite are just about the scariest creatures around here. And they are not very scary :-)

  4. That sounds like a very interesting place to visit. The vultures on the power poles are fascinating.

  5. Lovely images. You have some beautiful birds in your part of the World.

  6. I lovely the shots of the vultures! I wonder what play they are expecting to see.

  7. Great Capture of that Immature B. Eagle!! AND what a huge group of Vultures!

  8. Good description of the vulture condo. I did notice lots of them on our recent trip to FL. They seemed to be everywhere!

    And nice juvie eagle. I spotted one on Saturday and posted it my blog. I was fortunate to get fairly close with my zoom lens.

  9. Cool shot of the vulture condo! Florida must be a very nice place for birding :)

  10. Very nice set of photos! Loved the call of the Pileated Woodpecker in the video.

  11. Your photos are absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for sharing them with your readers.

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  12. I just had the privilege of spending six days in Tampa area this last week. What an experiences I had there. It is no wonder the pictures up and down your blog are so fantastic. For a northerner the gulf coast estuary around Sarasota was mind bending. Lord, I took thousands of shots. If I lived there I would get nothing else done and I would need a 12 step birding program.