Sunday, February 20, 2011

A weekend with a kingfisher

These were taken a couple of weekends ago.  It's the last time I've seen the kingfisher in our neighborhood. I hope she hasn't gone home yet. I need to tell her it's still snowing up north so she might as well stay a little longer.  I finally got a picture of her with a fish. She caught it and then kept banging it on the wall to kill it before she swallowed it.  She took it down the channel so I didn't get to see her swallow it but she came back a couple of hours later and hung around for a while. I don't see how that fish could fit in her little body.

The osprey was trying to eat his fish on our neighbor's dock while the kingfisher was banging on hers.

1 comment:

  1. These are awesome shots of the Female Belted Kingfisher Dina! What kind of fish is that in her mouth? I love that shot you got with her tail up. I have never seen a Kingfisher in that pose. Very cool! Oh, the Osprey is gorgeous as they always are to me.