Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Northern Shoveler family at Circle B Bar Reserve

If you saw them from a distance you would probably think these were regular mallards or mottled ducks.  If you see them up close from the side or back you might think that as well. When they turn towards you, you think "My, what a big bill you have." Northern shovelers have big flat bills compared to mallards.  It's a fairly common duck in America but I've only seen one or heard they were around twice. The first was at Fort Desoto and that was from very far away. They are migraters who live in the summer in the northern part of the country so I suspect this little family will be gone soon. They were found at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland just off Wading Bird Trail.  The male is the one with the green head.


  1. Those shoveler shots are just magical with such perfect reflections

  2. I always love to see shovelers they are one of my favorite ducks!