Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby eagles, parrots mating and a starling

Getting a bite of fish.

Feeding the baby although it looks more like a kiss.

The parent is looking at something.

Both babies are visible.

Baby is flapping it's wings.

One of the parents flying by. I know I shouldn't post this since I cut one wing off but I couldn't resist. He flew so close to me so fast.

A lone starling was sitting in a tree close by.

Wild parrots making whoopy.

The recent Sunday started out sunny but later in the day as I was on my way to check on the cemetery eagles in St. Petersburg it started to get cloudy. The closer I got to the cemetery, the cloudier it got. There was a small chance of rain and it looked like we were going to get it. White and gray clouds do not make for a nice background but hey, when you are watching a bald eagle feed it's chick you get over it real fast. They had just started eating when I got there so I missed the big "parent flying in with a fish" moment. After the eagles finished eating and had settled down in the nest I noticed a few other birds around me. I found a lone starling which I though was strange. Usually they are in big flocks. Right as I was leaving a parrot couple landed in the tree near my car and quickly got down to business. I wonder if they have a nest in the cemetery. It would be nice to see the baby parrots growing up.