Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend in the backyard - Skywatch Friday

Early in the night before dark I took this picture of the moon coming up over the palm tree in our front yard.

Orange blossoms on our tree. I wish I could can the smell and add it to the blog, like a "scratch and sniff here".  Our backyard smells so good right now.

Lots of mallards hanging around in the channel.  Soon we should start seeing baby ducks.

I see this little bird every month or so hanging around my neighbor's dock. It's always alone. I think it's a spotted sandpiper. I spotted it late Saturday afternoon and ran out to take a picture.

The hooded merganser that's been hanging around the channel was seen again this weekend. I wonder if it will migrate back up north. Should be leaving soon if it does.

This is my version of the super moon, taken on Saturday night. Every twenty years the moon rotates closest to the earth and was suppose to be brighter and bigger than normal.

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  1. Great shots...I can just close my eyes and smell those orange blossoms!

  2. oh my...these are amazing....:) Hope you can check out my Skywatch Friday entry as well. Thanks!

  3. A scratch and sniff blog - how awesome would that be! Just looking at your orange blossoms makes me happy - here in Minnesota we got another blast of winter this week with snow and below-30 days.

  4. i can imagine the smell of the orange blossoms, pair it with the supermoon, and it's perfect! :)

  5. Your super moon is outstanding!! Was that the Sigma 500mm?

  6. Lovely shots, the supermoon is gorgeous! Happy skywatching!

  7. Splendid! Do check out my version of the super moon as seen frm Here in N.India