Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby brown pelicans at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

The two white pelicans on the left are babies. The white one on the right is a young one as well.

Baby pelican sleeping.

Mom in the middle is feeding one of the babies. The baby has it's head down mom's throat getting regurgitated fish. Yum!

The pelican family hanging out.

Another baby with mom.
This one had triplets.

With all of the depressing news about the oiled birds lately, I thought I would post some cute pictures of baby pelicans. This week I stopped by the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary after work. They have big aviaries with permanently injured pelicans that live there. Most are missing a wing or two. The pelicans must be happy because they are breeding like mad. The babies eventually get released when they grow up. The sanctuary is non-profit and they are so busy. They are feeding baby birds that people bring in who are injured or lost a parent. They get injured birds of prey to help. They are already helping out with oiled birds that are being sent down to be rehabilitated and getting ready for the clean up if we get it. Please stop by and see the place. It's free to walk around and see all of the birds. They also have owls, hawks and other assorted birds. A donation would really help right now.


  1. i watched a volunteer at the skyway bridge rescue pelicans from fishing line entanglements, the sanctuary workers do not get enough credit for the work they do
    thanks for highlighting their efforts !

  2. Just awesome, I love the pelican. They are just amazing to watch. The triplets are so neat, what a great sight.