Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fort Desoto fishing pier

Snowy egret looking over my head.

One legged snowy egret. He was getting around pretty good.

These snowy egrets were looking for a handout.

He finally got one.

Laughing gull flying by.

Keeping guard of the bait fish.
Great blue heron taking off.
You can always find interesting characters hanging around the fishing pier at Ft. Desoto. When it's too hot to walk in the parks, the best place to catch a breeze is the pier. The tiny snowy egrets are aggressive birds. They wait for the fishermen to bring up their bait fish nets and will walk up to them and steal their fish. The strange thing about my trip there last weekend was there were very few pelicans around. Usually, there are tons of them diving and swimming around the pier. I've always seen the below there swimming around.


  1. Amazing photographs Dina.
    Have a great day.

  2. Those pelicans are strange creatures. Its tough to determine where they were. My dad used to take me on numerous trips to Ft. Desoto Park.