Saturday, March 12, 2011

More black bellied whistling ducks

These ducks are just too cute. They almost look like a cartoon character. On my last trip to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland a couple of weekends ago, they were all over the park. They kept flying overhead in circles. They are mostly considered a non-migratory duck so hopefully they will stay at the park through the summer. It would be nice to see some baby ones this year. It was interesting to see a large flock of sandhill cranes hanging out with the black bellies. They would all wander around together. So far, Circle B is the only place in the Tampa bay area that I have seen these ducks. I'm not sure why they love this place so much. Well, yes I do. I'm heading back there soon.


  1. You sure have some great shots!

  2. Aha! so you're familiar with the black-bellies! I love them so!!!