Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pinellas county waste plant

Cattle egrets taking a break.

Lots of different birds at the ponds by the waste plant. Notice the turtle on the left.

Kestrel sitting on a power line. I've seen him several times there now.

Sad looking cattle egret.  Do immature cattle egret have gray feathers? I've never seen one with gray feathers before. 

It looks like he's got some problems with his beak as well.

Cormorants and cattle egrets sunning themselves.

I can usually find water birds around the ponds and ditches that are across from the Pinellas county waste plant. I see them when I'm out getting lunch since my office is close by. I stopped by there recently on a Saturday to see what was hanging around. Most of the time I see a few spoonbills but not on this trip. The highlight was an American kestrel sitting on a power line. The county has torn down all of the trees and digging up the dirt across from the waste plant. I'm not sure what they are doing there but it's brought in a lot of cattle egret. I guess they are stirring up a lot of bugs. Yum!


  1. Nice bokeh on the first shot. That's a good looking kestrel -- don't think I've ever seen one in person (or realized it, that is). The grey cattle egret looks kind of dirty. I wonder if it got into something?

  2. I always enjoy all your bird shots. Great shot of the kestrel! The grey cattle egret looks like he just retured from war! Hope he's grey from old age not youth, the way he looks!

  3. belle serie animaliere, tes photos d'oiseaux sont magnifiques

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  4. Great shots of beautiful birds Dina.
    Have a great day.

  5. Wonderful post, Dina! Water treatment ponds can be a really great place to find wildlife. That poor cattle egret too, it looks in terrible shape.

  6. Not sure what is up with that beak. Looks like a vulture beak... Love the kestrel.

  7. Hey Dina,
    Nice group of birds! Hopefully you'll get that spoonbill soon. I was hoping to see one last month but no luck. I've been chasing a Kestrel around myself for a month or so. I'm hoping for a good catch like yours soon!

  8. Man, that egret looks like it's seen better days.