Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby birds at the zoo

Baby tricolored heron. I took this right into the sun. I do like the way it lights up his white fuzz.

Adult blue heron. Standing on the alligator boardwalk. Taking a break from the screaming babies.

Baby blue heron profile.

Screaming baby blue herons.

Great egret feeding it's baby. This family was high up in the trees.

Baby night heron staring at me.

The Lowry Park zoo in Tampa has a great little bird rookery at the alligator exhibit. It's not as big as the one at Gatorland in Orlando, but hey, it's 12 minutes from my house. As you walk along the boardwalk you can hear the babies crying. It's mostly blue herons and great egrets but there are a few night herons and tricolored herons there as well. There is one spoonbill couple and I'm hoping they have babies soon. I'm going to check back again for that one.


  1. oh my goodness! they're so ugly their adorable! that night heron - they look so crazy as adults but doubly so as babies! :)

  2. Wonderful photos, especially the first and the last. Just priceless. I'm so glad I'm following your blog, because I don't want to miss the baby spoonbills (if there are any, and I hope there are).
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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