Monday, May 9, 2011

Lake Morton - City wildlife

The baby goose that is being raised by the black swan mom is growing up.

Baby goose standing in the middle of her adoptive parents.

She's looking at me like "Where's the bread?"

I found this great blue heron fluffing up from the wind.

Cute turtle staring at me from a rock.

I stopped by Lake Morton in downtown Lakeland on my way home from a recent trip to Gatorland to see how much the baby goose had grown up. Somehow, a  pair of black swans took over parenting a baby goose at the lake. The swans were still staying close to the baby even though now it was almost as big as the swans. They followed each other around the lake. They were a strange family.  It looked like most of the white pelicans and migrating ducks were gone from the lake. Only the resident geese, swans and ibis were present. I still didn't see any baby swans but several swans were sitting on nests.

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  1. oh that goose and his step-parents are just precious! So is that beautiful smiling turtle!

  2. The geese are great but the turtle is really something!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. I just couldn't resist the turtle in your thumbnail photo, and now I find a baby goose being raised by swans, and a fluffy heron! This is wonderful, Dina. I'm so glad I looked!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Love all the shots, but Mr. Turtle is by far my favorite. I was looking at the beaks on the water fowl and how colorful they are. We have 2 eagles and an eaglet nesting high above the river in a huge pine tree. With my telephoto lens I can get the beak and it is really impressive. It is such fun watching the. I stop every morning on my way to school and in the afternoons, too. Am trying to get that perfect shot. Hope you have a lovely week.

  5. You always have fantastic bird pix and they are always amusing. That turtle is also posing for you. What is it that makes them act up for you so?

  6. Nice too see the gosling growing! love all the birds and the turtle!

  7. did anybody have seen any baby swan around Morton. I noticed swans laying on eggs and now do not see any young swans.
    Does any body have any idea what happened to them?