Thursday, May 12, 2011

A baby eagle flies - Skywatch Friday

Sitting with one of the parents on the tree.

The baby eagle stars flapping it's wings. I think nothing of it since they've been doing this all along.

Flapping hard. The baby eagles thinks "I know I can make it."

And he's off!

Teetering on a close by snag, the baby makes a good landing.

"I'm king of the jungle!"

Sibling still sits on the nest. He (or she) is not quite ready to fly.

This was not the baby's first flight. I got to the cemetery two Sunday's ago and had hear the baby took it's first flight the day before. So it's either the 2nd or 3rd flight. I'll take that. I got there late in the afternoon not expecting much. I figured I'd find the family sleeping on the tree. I was only there a few minutes with a couple of other photographers when one of the babies kept flapping his wings while sitting on the nest. Then he took off. He didn't fly very far. Only about 5 trees over to a dead snag that the parents had been hanging out on for a while. I have spent so much time watching the babies just sit on the nest that it surprised me to see him take off. I was able to only get one good fly shot before he landed. He sat on the snag forever. The sibling didn't fly while I was there. I finally had to leave. I'm sad to say I probably won't make it back to the cemetery before they leave for good. I hope they all make it back next winter.


  1. That is so neat. Amazing that something that seems so large is still a 'baby'. :)

  2. Just brilliant.
    Moving and beautifully photographed.
    I may not be a follower, but I sure am a fan :-)

  3. Nice shot! I like the flying eagle!