Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busy mothers at Gatorland

Mom's on the left with her hands full tending to 2 fast growing babies. They were yelling at her to feed them.

At some point later in the morning I realize she is feeding the babies. She eats the food first and then regurgitates it back to the baby.  Yum!

These 3 babies were busy. They belong to the mom below.

More "feed me" squawking going on. I think the mom was ignoring them.

Where did mom go with the food? I think that's what they were discussing.

All of those bird moms out there in the wild taking care of their babies get no recognition. They sit on them to keep them warm, shield them from the rain, fight off predators and choke back up their food to feed the babies. Sounds like a fun job. But the good news is they only do it for a few months and then they have the free life again, until next spring. I doubt the babies come back to visit on the holidays. I'm sure they don't send cards or flowers. The babies just take off one day and are gone for good. Some human moms out there might be thinking "That sounds good to me." I know when I was in college my mom would say "When are going to move out? "  And then when I did she constantly asked "When are you coming to visit?"

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there, including animal moms.


  1. AWW, they are just adorable! Love the baby egrets. Great photos.

  2. Perfect post for today. That last post of the triplets is priceless -- love it.

  3. cute post. i'm still a bit horrified about the mom kicking out the runt yesterday tho!