Thursday, June 30, 2011

Carillon Park after work - Skywatch Friday

Anhinga sitting on the boardwalk.  These girls are used to people being close. You can walk right by them on boardwalk.

Juvenile moorhens in the green muck.

Juvenile tricolored heron hiding in the reeds.

Small rainbow coming from the fountain in the lake.

Male anhinga drying his wings on a fountain platform that wasn't turned on.

Another hot walk around a park close by work. At least that way I miss traffic. There wasn't anything too interesting there. I did see a few small alligators but they stayed pretty far away. The anhingas think they own the boardwalk around the lake. Most people are jogging by and the birds don't even flinch. They just keep preening. If you stop and stare at them and slowly walk up to them, they wave their beaks at you and honk.

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  1. the close-up on the anhinga shows wonderful feather patterns, the baby moorhens are hilarious!!! looks like they're on stilts to try to stay out of the muck. but that last shot of the anhinga with the reflections on the water... just perfect...

  2. All are great,but that first is incredible!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Wonderful shots! I see a rainbow.

    My entry.