Sunday, June 19, 2011

Spoony babies update - 3rd week at the zoo.

"Mom, we don't see it."

"Mom, tell Bubba to get off me."

"Everyone, look busy. Here comes another photographer."

"Don't worry, that creepy lady with the black box can't get you."

"But we can if you fall down"

Third trip to Lowry Park zoo since the roseate spoonbill babies were born. I think the lady at the front gate gave me a "You're here again?" look. A week later and they are getting big. Their bills are starting to really look like a spoonbill beak. The pink is just getting a little deeper. They were busy all morning. They kept trying to climb over each other. People were noticing the nest more than before. That big group of pink really sticks out over the alligator exhibit. I think at least 2-3 trips are still in my future. I'd like to see them taking those first flights but it would be shear luck if that happened on the weekend. There are a lot of baby blue herons that are just growing up flying from tree to tree and there are still a few late couples just laying eggs.


  1. oh, the gators make me nervous. when the teenagers start pushing each other and moving around alot... eek!

  2. I guess that's the natural way of things, alligators hanging around under the tree where spoonbills are nesting, but I want someone to make the alligators go AWAY!
    I hope you can put up with the "you again?" looks from the lady at the gate, because you're making a lot of people happy with your baby-spoonbill updates. I love them. (Except for the gators.)
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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