Monday, June 6, 2011

The family life of tricolored herons.

"I still look good for my age." An adult tricolored heron strutting.

"We're hungry!!!"

"Contemplating life." These babies are getting big.

He's saying "What's that big black thing attached to your face?"

Three siblings being quiet for about a second.


A short video of a tricolored heron parent bring in food to the babies who are pretty big at this point. They are very aggressive and were attacking her for food.

Tricolored herons are my favorite babies to take pictures of. They're so animated and have the funniest looks on them. Tricolored herons are not as common as great egrets or great blue herons. I see those birds everywhere. Only occasionally do I see a tricolored heron. It's weird to watch a group of them fighting over sticks for nests and space on the bushes. I guess it's like The Truman Show for birds. We stand on the boardwalk and watch all of these birds live their life. Getting food, making nests, raising babies. They seem to tolerate us watching but could probably get nasty with that sharp beak if we got too close. Do they know that humans don't want to cross that water with alligators in it? Hopefully, they'll all come back next spring.

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  1. ugh! that poor momma bird! i'd be tempted to give them a time out and let them get good and hungry before bringing them food again! :)

    these are great shots. i've never seen a tri-color in person.

  2. Yes, I wouldn't want to be attacked like that. Ouch!
    Fabulous photos of an unusual bird family. I enjoyed this post a lot!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Absolutely wonderful photos of an interesting bird. Of course, the favorite one is the heron with the quizzical look on his face. Great post. Mickie :)

  4. Great sequence of a truly interesting bird. Boom &Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  5. They look like such characters!

  6. Wow, awesome shots! The juvies are jus too cute!

  7. Fantastic set Dina. Your nesting pictures are the best! I can't get over how prehistoric these birds are, it's kind of scary!

  8. Beautiful photography. I am absolutely overwhelmed to come across this post. I hope this will have great appreciation from my friend who is a professional photographer.